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Why i Am Not happy With MI ABAGA – VECTOR

written by NigezieTv 11/12/2017

Why i Am Not happy With MI ABAGA – VECTOR

News readers who are conversant with @nigezietv on Instagram will remember that we posted something about MI’s track “You Rappers should Fix Up Your Lives” which caused feud between him and the ACE rapper Vector.

Vector in his recent post has made clear the reason exactly why the lines and importantly the title of the track.

‘You Rappers Should Fix Your Life,’ a song that bluntly stated S.A rappers were better than Nigerians. This of course did not go down well with Vector.

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Speaking on how he feels, Vector said;

“No matter how much your parents flog you, they will not tell outsiders that you are a stupid child. He doesn’t have to say it openly that SA rappers are ‘killing’ Nigerian rappers. I have never said this before, but the simple truth is that we shouldn’t wash our dirty linen in public. It is fine to discipline people at home and I support that. If your children mess up, you can discipline them.

“When Jay-Z released the Death of Auto-Tune, he addressed everyone and said they should all go back to rap music. He didn’t say a group of rappers is doing better than one group. I didn’t like the fact that he called out Nigerian rappers openly and was comparing us with SA rappers.”

On why he is yet to collaborate with M.I, he said;

“We tried to work together on two different occasions, but it just didn’t happen. The first time was when he sent a beat to me to work on and he was supposed to be on the remix of my song, King Kong. Classiq later took his verse and did very well. We can still do something together later in the future. It is music; it is nothing serious,” he noted.


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