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PENTATONIX Had A Flopped Performance At Grammys 2017

written by NigezieTv 14/02/2017

How will we remember the 2017 Grammys? The Pentatonix,,,hmmm; A lot of it will have to do with what Adele won and what Beyoncé didn’t win. As for everything within the power of the night’s two leading ladies, both absolutely crushed it, delivering riveting performances that highlighted both their godly greatness and their earthbound humanity.

And lots of other people were there, too! Through the tributes, the team-ups, the WTF moments — we bring you the 2017 Grammys, condensed into 10 best and worst moments.

Pentatonix Performs a Motown Classic… for Some Reason

The Jackson 5’s “ABC” is a great song. Pentatonix can do really incredible things with a cappella. But the Grammys’ final-hour peak was not the time for it.

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Pentatonix (abbreviated PTX) is a five-member American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas, with vocalists Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi.

Along with their original material, the group is widely known for their medley-form song covers — their work characterized by pop-style arrangements with vocal harmonies, basslines, riffing, percussion and beatboxing.

Pentatonix formed in 2011 and subsequently won the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, receiving $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. ‘

When Epic Records dropped the group after The Sing-Off, the group formed its YouTube channel, distributing its music through Madison Gate Records, a label owned by Sony Pictures.

With over 11.5 million subscribers and 1.80 billion views, Pentatonix’s YouTube channel is currently the 13th most-subscribed music video channel. The group’s video tribute to Daft Punk had received over 210 million views as of late 2014

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