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What’s Happening Today On Big Brother Naija #Day50

written by NigezieTv 14/03/2017
Big Brother Naija @nigezietv

The On-going Big Brother Naija show in south Africa has been wonderful as different faces have left the house and the new ones are finding ways of survival and a possible means to escape eviction.

Big Brother soon gave the new #BBNaija Head of House, Bassey, a totem that represents random acts of kindness to be performed by anyone holding it.

Any of the #BBNaija housemate in possession of the totem is expected to perform a selfless, sacrificial action of humanity towards another for the rest of the week.

Before the possession of the totem passed to the #BBNaija housemates however, they all came together to name the totem. A few names were toyed with which included Jasmina, Mary and Lovette.

In the end, Mary won the most votes. The #BBNaija Housemates however seemed to have a different understanding of the very meaning of kindness, with some vouching for selfless and others plain hard core sacrificial.

While all the Housemates were still pondering and having a hard time agreeing on the extent of their kindness, Head of House Bassey, put a black crate in the middle of the room and ordered everyone to fill it with three of their most precious personal items.

Bisola brought a perfume bottle as well as a piece of her mother’s wardrobe, while Debbie-Rise reluctantly brought her beloved guitar among others to the kindness box.

Once the crate was filled, Head of House Bassey sat down beside with Bally who pleaded with him to be kind and let him remain in the #BBNaija House.

Bassey however cut him short immediately, reminding him of Big Brother’s no conspiracy rules while handing him the totem.

With the totem now in his possession, Bally turned to Debbie-Rise who challenged him to paint her toenails as an act of kindness.

Bally diligently applied himself to painting the fingernails too thereby winning his challenge.

As the totem was passed to Debbie-Rise, she turned to Marvis who took great delight in requesting that she cooks Egusi stew for the #BBNaija Housemates’ dinner.

Debbie-Rise was left with no option and while she sweated it out in the kitchen, the other Housemates gleefully enjoyed a game of cards at the dinner table.

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