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5 Reasons to be excited about singer’s clothing line

Mo’Cheddah’s new clothing line is anticipated for many reasons even a Nigerian creative director has things to say about it…

Mo’Cheddah’s new clothing line comes with exciting promises guys!

The singer shared a sneak peek at pieces off her debut collection from a brand new clothing line she’s been teasing via social media and the pieces look good. The hot diva has since been out and about in few looks she mentioned was from her anticipated collection (that’s about to launch on the 26th of this month!) and the pieces are worth looking forward to.

I  think her style is exceptional, she’s very stylish and spontaneous,  she pulls pieces off nicely. I haven’t seen much of the collection but I know she’s confident, she’s an ambassador for a boutique and she pulls the pieces off, she embodies the brand so I’m  looking forward to a lot; comfort, luxury, confidence because she’s confident in her skin, she’s attractive and I think she’ll infuse this into her collection.” Papa Omisore  menswear designer and CD of POC says this about the anticipated brand.


From the styles the artist shared via Instagram especially, it’s one to look forward to. There five reasons to be excited about the launch of a Mo’Cheddah clothing line:

1. Chic Styles

Mo’Cheddaah is known for her clean take on chic styles without being fussy, she cleans up chic and trendy sultry and hopefully she injects that into her new line.

2. Functional and Versatile

Her styles are always practical and works for the occasion, never underdressed, she cleans up just enough for the occasion and hopefully her line will feature outfits that are versatile/work for all occasions.


3. Affordable (hopefully)

The singer isn’t designer crazed when it comes to her daily wears meaning she wears just about any brand and looks good in it, the face of MissKay boutique wears looks from the brand and she might just take a cue from this for her pricing.

4. Made to measure

Since she will primarily cater to the Nigeria markets, the average sizing/stature/built, fabric etc suitable for to be worn in Nigeria will be considered, making it in a way made to measure for the direct clients.

5. Best for prices

Hopefully Mo’Cheddah’s taste in choosing and pairing her clothes is reflected in choice of designs, fabrics, tailoring and so on, If this in place, people will no doubt get quality at good prices.

I’m so here for Nigerians ‘fabuloustas’(fabulous fashionistas) creating the magic they put together and can’t scream it enough #buynigeria (to save Nigeria)

Would you shop Mo’Cheddah’s clothing line when unveiled?