71-year-old woman who still visits the gym stuns people in video

A 71-year-old woman has stunned several Tiktok users among others as a video showing her well built body continue to circulate on social media platforms.
Her video captioned a message to people who find it difficult to hit the gym.

She noted that despite her age, she still visits the gym everyday.
In her words: “At 71, I cannot afford not to push myself. You are losing a lot if you just lay on your bed everyday. Dress up and hit the road.”
The energetic looking woman shared the video via TikTok with the handle @seniorcoach.
Watch The Video Below

Apparently, the video spurred many netizens who reacted saying that they would henceforth follow in the woman’s footsteps.
@Ellie wrote: “Sport is good! It has made her younger than her age.”
@Jeremy Res: “This means I am actually so lazy. I gotta start working.”
@Mali Sandra: “I think I have been lazy. I must work. Thank you mam.”

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