Adebola Williams Advices On 20 Things You Should Avoid in 2018

Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist and motivational speaker, Adebola Williams, has come out to talk about 20 things we should all avoid in this new year.

Here Are The things:

1. Don’t give your love as bait, it’s not worth it
2. Don’t give your value for gain only, it’s too short-sighted.
3. Don’t kill your self with heartache; It’s not useful.
4. Because you have no truth, You accuse others without proof #DontDoIt
5. Because you want to look rich, you go broke trying #DontDoIt
6. You are broke but this opportunity is under you #DontDoIt

7. He said; they said, in 2018, #DontDoIt (Focus on ideas and changing the world)
8. I am afraid, I am unsure, I can’t, how do you know it will work? #DontDoIt (Or how far has not moving got you?)9. I am not beautiful enough, my nose is not straight enough, I am not good enough. #DontDoIt (You have no value if you are the same as everyone else)
10.  I’m just doing this to get by… to survive…
#DontDoIt (Find your way, even if it’s to be a janitor)

11. A relationship doesn’t ever make sacrifices for you and you keep singing “it will get better”#DontDoIt

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12. Company that doesn’t motivate, energize, inform or inspire #DontDoIt
13. If it brings the worst out of you, gets emotions high, makes you the person you think you are not and it’s not for the better #DontDoIt
14a. “I just said that to them, not doing it. Lol.” #DontDoIt
14b. “Let’s just do it sha” #DontDoIt (Flee from mediocrity)
15. People will gift you their trust, don’t mess with it!
16. Their heart, don’t toy with it
17. Their secrets, don’t tear at it
18. Their faith, don’t smash it
19. Their love, don’t walk over it

Note, Everything in Life is a gift and If someone messes up the gift you gave them, don’t beat yourself up. Smile and walkway knowing their worth is small and their measure too Little. It’s on them, not you.

20. And #DontDoIt too, don’t be the small, dirty person.

Demola is a co-founder of Red Africa Alongside Chude Jideonwo.