It Came at first as surprise when it was said that she was dating Falz and later it switched to AdekunleGold as past pictures they took together from way back was posted as proof to show they have an intimate relationship. We all have been hearing rumours of the two great voices we have in the Nigerian Music Industry that they have a secret love affair.

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Now let us talk about the evidence that backs our caption, Today that the social media seem flooded with Simi’s photos celebrating her today; her birthday, a fan took to twitter to ask AdekunleGold who he wrote the song Orente for and he replied saying he wrote it for Simi. As recorded, the lyrics of the song talks about a small lady that is “AdekunleGold’s wife, a good girl, greetings to the small babe ‘Orente”

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Lets refresh our memories again; the song Orente talks about a simple lady who would rather have love than wealth, a lady who would stand by her simple and poor boyfriend despite the pressure from big happening guys… Is Simi Adekunle Gold’s Orente? Is Simi the “Adeola, Bolatito or the Opeyemi”?

If you are very conversant with this song, you will remember that Adekunle mentioned three of these names in the song.

Does this mean that our quest is over and we have found Simi’s boyfriend since Falz says he isn’t the one?

You can listen to the song here to hear the lyrics. In summary, writing the song for Simi indicates a strong bond between