Alanis Morissette the Rock star’s Manager Has Admitted to Duping the Rock star of 5million US Dollars,as he falsely claimed the money was used to grow marijuana.

Alanis morissette

“Mr Schwartz was hired to protect his clients’ money by managing it professionally, but instead misappropriated millions to enrich himself,” Deirdre Fike, the assistant director in charge of the FBI office in Los Angeles, said in a statement.
The singer from Canada said she turned down an offer to perform Five shows in Las Vegas in America after her manager convinced her she did not need the money.
The Canadian born singer said she Sacked her manager in March, after he could not properly explain the use of the Finances.
Jonathan is expected to face charges for fraud and felony charges which he is expected to plead guilty.
The Judges are expected to consider a four -Six year prison sentence due to the plea deal.

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