We really hope skales’ Album will be the best the industry ever had following the success of his L.P that came out last year.

This interview that can be credited to Tribune, Skales talked about his career and how it has been surviving in the highly competitive music industry. On building his brand and staying relevant, Skales says it lies in his plans to keep putting out relevant music.

It’s been a challenging journey to be honest, there  are bittersweet experiences, both negative and positive but at the end of the day the fact that my fans pay attention and always have something to say in the social space is somewhat gratifying and keeps me motivated,” Skales says.


On what he has been up to lately, the ‘Komole’ singer notes that he just released a song  titled ‘Temper’ that has been catching a lot of attention and reveals he also has been working on his sophomore studio album which is about ready, and just requires finishing touches.

On whether the notion that artists who have achieved a certain level of success are no longer unable to release hit songs is true, Skales is of the opinion that this is not entirely true, adding that only artists who get too comfortable become inconsistent and unproductive. “As  long as you push yourself further and not be overly complacent your craft you will always remain relevant, hence making hits effortlessly,” he remarks.

Speaking of the story behind his collaboration with Burna Boy in the remix to ‘Temper‘, Skales remarks the story as an interesting one, saying he sent Burna the instrumental to record his verse, and Burna Boy simply changed the whole song. He further commented that the chemistry between them was strong and instantaneous, and there was a direction planned out for the song which was for it to be a street anthem, and to resonate with everyone out there, hence its success.

On international collaborations, Skales says he’s got a couple in the bag, saying collaborations at such level is the only way to share his culture with the rest of the world. “I really fancy the idea of international collaborations”, he adds.

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