Another War Is Up Between MI And Former OAP N6

Former Cool FM OAP and popular rapper N6 reportedly fell out with members of M.I Abaga’s Chocolate city crew at the Palmwine music festival which held on the 29th of December.

This stems from the OAP’s ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ reply to M.I Abaga where he checked him over some of the failings of Chocolate city label in recent years.

According to reports; things got physical when M.I and N6 ran into each other at the concert organized by music group Show Dem Camp.

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As reported by an eyewitness;

MI had just finished his performance and heading out when N6 was spotted backstage as well. N6 was seen approaching MI but was quickly confronted by Ahabuchi (MI’s manager) and some Choc City crew. In the heat of the confrontation, N6 who was alone with at least 5 Choc City guys held on to an empty bottle of Hennessy to protect himself but somehow grazed a lady and that angered the other guys”.

Ahabuchi and N6 went on to exchange a few blows but none landed a hit. At this point, MI has walked out of the situation. It took the effort of Jimmie and VJ Ehiz to separate both N6 and Ahabuchi. Chin Okeke was later seen head locking N6 and ordering security operatives to escort him off the premises after efforts to calm the situation were unsuccessful”.

N6 after the incident took to Twitter to share his account of what transpired at the event. In a series of tweets, N6 explains

However, N6 also tweeted that he is ready to move on from the incident and has no ill feelings towards MI or the CBN crew.