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Just at the time people started thinking the Big Brother House will become dry with just four ladies and EFE the only guy; Tboss decided to bring another twist as she claims she does not know the Nigeria National Anthem.

Since all we want is to see the winner crowned on Sunday, we will stop counting the days. It’s been too real on the Big Brother show and we cannot wait for the grand finale.

But before we get there, let’s see how the housemates fared today.

Things are about to end and the five finalists are now living tension-free, relaxed and ecstatic. The mood is calm in the house and whatever happens on Sunday night, it looks like everyone is ready to accept their fate and carry on from there.

The housemates hardly got up to much but were treated to a meal of pizza and red wine, all thanks to Biggie’s generosity. Recall that Biggie had instructed earlier that the HoH crown would be passed around the housemates who never got a chance to own the Head of House title. Debie-Rise was first to get her turn on Tuesday and now, it was Marvis’ turn.

It looked like they took turns carrying out activities now so everyone would get a fair share. It was also TBoss’ turn to take on the personae of tour guide in the BBNaija museum. You do also remember that it’s Nostalgia week so Biggie has adorned a part of the house with items that would refresh their memories of the tasks, games and general experience of living in the BBN House.

It was time for the Diary Room session and in turns, the housemates told Biggie why there was so much love in the air around the house among other things. Debie-Rise thought it was the pressure from Biggie’s tasks that brought out the ugly side of the housemates but now that they lived task-free, they could actually chill. Efe was in a reminiscent mood, he gushed about all that had happened from the day the doors to the house opened to them. Meanwhile, Marvis was grateful because Biggie took her out of her 9-5 job in Nigeria and she hopes she won’t have to go back to it, she hopes she will get to chase her dreams henceforth. *Y’all please help Marvis achieve her dreams of becoming an actress. Thanks!

Away from the Diary Room, the housemates were asked to play a game of truth or dare in the garden. So they had to roll a huge dice and inability to answer any question amounted to drinking up a full bottle of water. We all know the history of truth or dare in the house, don’t we? So we looked forward to some juicy stuff from this one too.

It was at this truth or dare game, Bisola revealed that she would love to have a threesome with a guy she likes and a strange girl. Huh?

For Efe, dude said he’s been with two sisters (whatever “been with” means to you).

Then it was the high point of the game. Debie-Rise innocently asked TBoss to recite the two verses of the Nigerian National Anthem…then wahala happened. So it happened that TBoss went dumbstruck at her bestie’s request, she even said to her “you’re a very wicked person o, why would you do this to me“. Although after she struggled through the first three lines, Efe and Marvis told her a number of times to drink a bottle of water and move on but she still seemed too shocked about Debie’s “wicked”request.


Well, it was what went after the game that matters most. TBoss went in to the house and burst into tears attacking Debie-Rise for deliberately undermining her chances at winning the game this critical week.Tboss-Nigezietv

But Debie didn’t mean to na, she just assumed a 33 year old educated Nigerian will be able to recite the National Anthem daz all…

Or do you think Debie intentionally put her friend on the spot? Debie the game player, Debie the strategist, Debie the bestie, she probably has an idea TBoss would mess this up so she decided to distract voters a little. Anyway, she is also pissed at TBoss for accusing her of purposely setting her up.



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