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Big Brother Naija Contestant Strips Naked

Big Brother Naija contestant Thin Tall Tony stripped naked during their campaign task for likes.

It was all emotional yesterday for the housemates, when Big Brother instructed the contestants to campaign themselves in other to remain in the house.

The housemates all took turns to express themselves , Gifty who became all emotional when giving her speech,  led Bisola, Tboss and Bally to comfort her.

Thin Tall Tony who spoke next, said “I will show you my real self”, then stripped to nothing, explaining in tears his reason for stripping was because  campaign was all about expressing himself and he had struggled enough, and there was nothing left for him rather than his own self.  None of the housemates expected it, but his speech drew even more tears from all the housemates, even the men.



During their diary session, most housemates told Big Brother that ThinTall Tony campaign, really touched them, and was really very emotional for hem.

Efe remained all real and told the housemates that winning the prize would be a big dream come true, as he had been through financial struggles before deciding to come to the house.  Miyonse also gave a brief speech, telling the housemates that he can’t attend his father’s burial because he is in the house.

Tboss also informed the housemates about her life struggles growing up and at her age she had hoped to accomplish something for herself. She spoke about the discrimination some ladies face just because of their appearances.”People judge you just by looking at you, which is not right”, she said.

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After the campaign, Big Brother asked the housemates to choose their favorite  contestants, and the least would be up for eviction.  Miyonse, Cocoice, Tboss, Bally and Kemen were up for eviction.  Head of House Uriel had the opportunity to save one of the contestant and replace with another, she chose Miyonse and replaced Marvis.

The housemates would be joined by two other contestants on Sunday 29th January, 2017.