Bobrisky declares gender, reveals plan to escape jail term

Following the anti-cross dressing bill passed by the House of Representatives, Bobrisky Okuneye gives clarification on her gender.


According to the bill passed by the House of Reps., crossdressers may be facing jail terms over their affairs and influence on the masses.
In reaction, Bobrisky affirmed her gender as a full-blown female while emphasizing the countless surgeries underwent to achieve that status.

Bobrisky declares gender, states reasons anti-crossdressing bill does not bother her

“I am not a cross dresser, I am a woman. I have done so many surgeries that can’t be reversed such as Lipo, boobs, etc. When the time comes even court self go confirm am say I am now a girl,” Bobrisky wrote.
He added, “I still have many upcoming surgeries to be done. Na who be cross dresser go they fear. I have all my doctors report on all my surgeries.”

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