The Famous British actor Neil Fingleton who played Game of Thrones giant Mag the Mighty has died of heart failure. He was aged 36. Britain’s tallest man and actor reportedly died after he suffered a lethal heart failure, on Saturday.

According to a statement posted on the Tall Persons Club Facebook page which states “Sadly it has come to our attention that Neil Fingleton, Britain’s Tallest man, passed away on Saturday,”

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The group also said “Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family”.


Moreover, Fingleton was born in northeast England in 1980. He played college basketball in the US, followed by a short professional career in the US and Europe before turning to acting.

He appeared in films including “47 Ronin” and “X-Men: First Class” and in TV shows including “Doctor Who” and the hit fantasy series “Game of Thrones.”

He was popularly known for his role as giant Mag the Mighty in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. He was born in County Durham and studied at University of North Carolina in the US before enjoying a professional basketball career in Spain, China, Italy, Greece and England.

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