Dear Wizkid, I Love you with all my heart. But come CLOSER let me just say what everyone is thinking but are too afraid to say.

The ‘Come Closer’ video without Drake doesn’t make any sense.

In my opinion, the video shouldn’t have been put out without Drake. For crying out loud, you have been teasing us for weeks to look forward to the video. And I stand to be corrected, but everyone was waiting to see Drizzy on the video.

I have seen clips of the video and I’m reluctant to watch the whole video because there is no Drake in the video.


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Everyone is just saying the video is CLEAN and it’s ARTISTIC and the COSTUMING was great. Guys really?????

I know I’m going to get a back lash from Wizkid fans around the World, but remember this… I Am A Fan of Yours Wizkid.


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