Couples Charge Guests For Food At Their Wedding

Just Imagine going for a wedding and getting charged for the food served at the reception!!!

Very unlikely, right? As a matter of fact, it was pretty unimaginable and unheard of, until the world’s [supposedly]stingiest couple emerged.

According to an article published on DailyMail on December 27th, a user on British parenting website, Mumsnet posted about a wedding she attended where she was charged £2.50 for a cup of tea.

The user ranted, “recently attending a wedding of a friend…I just felt it was a very poor and stingy wedding, at the reception they had a “hot chocolate bar” – they were charging for this (and tea, and coffee….)

“Am I wrong to think if you invite people to a wedding you actually host and therefore provide for your guests? Not expecting a free bar but some table wine and soft drinks surely?”

For easier understanding from a Nigerian context, that’s like charging for every bottle of beer you take at a reception, every plate of rice, wrap of moimoi or slice of dodo.

Outrageous, right?


Well, this British couple did it, and we hope for the sake of everything good that the act ends with them!

This couple’s story is one of the most bizarre stories of year 2016.

There is also the story of a bride performing a blow job on the groom in their picture, among others.


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