Didi Ekanem Denies Being Sponsored By Men For The Trips And Tours

Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem who is recently on vacation in Dubai has denied claims of her trip being sponsored by men.

Didi Ekanem who shared a photo at Burj Khalifa on Instagram, had written;

Underneath the beauty lies a hardworking woman whose strength can only be imagined.

However a fan who commented in the comment section of the photo wrote;

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How many times you don go dubai ds year.. Be like say ds your nyash sweet die

Reacting to the comment, Didi Ekanem wrote;

You are mad! The only thing remaining is for you to get naked in the streets because you’re certainly walking around with a mad man’s brain in clothing. How dare you leave such a vapid comment on my post? Are you that foolish to think that every time a woman travels, a man is responsible for it. Now get this correct, over here I’m a Boss, so pay attention!

Didi-Ekanem-debunks-claims-of-her-Dubai-trips-being-men-sponsored-nigezie-xtreme Didi-Ekanem-debunks-claims-Dubai-trips-being-men-sponsored-nigezie-xtreme