Ace Comedian, Ali baba has spotted something very unique about the famous Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who was seen in a photo cooking with his adorable wife Priscillia.

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He noted that Mark has made all husbands and wives in the world to spend their time on facebook and wats app while he enjoys his own time in the kitchen with his wife.

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Despite how wealthy, he is and how time-consuming his business could be, he still makes out time to help out his adorable wife out in the kitchen. Wao, what an amazing time for the couple especially for Priscillia, a bilingual Mandarin speaker who loves cooking and doing other soft things. She graduated as a medical student in Harvard university in 2007, the same year her husband dropped out of school to give more attention to his facebook business.

This act by Mark has kept some women wondering on how many rich African men can make out time to help their wives in the kitchen. How many would really ignore their ego to do that or would they prefer attending some endless business meetings.

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This is a very important as well as an interesting lesson for black men especially those who feel they have indeed arrived. There is a need for a balance between business and family.If one of the richest and notable men in the world could help out his wife in the kitchen, how much more those who are yet to get world’s recognition.

Some men believe that helping their wives in the kitchen will make them less of a man and they may start losing their respect but it is not really true. A woman in her right frame of mind would rather appreciate a man who helps her out in the Kitchen instead of abusing service.