Exclusive Interview With Nigezie Owner “Kwame”

Nigezie Owner, Femi Aderibigbe more popularly known as Kwame was treated with an exclusive interview on Nigezie. Many questions were asked and here are the excerpts.

Nigezie: Where have you been?

I’ve been in my house, I’ve been having fun. I basically have been doing behind the scenes trying to coordinate a lot of stuffs. Reality shows, Awards Shows, many programmes, you will see them soon.

Nigezie: What Is Freedom Fest About?

The media has exploded in the last 10 years that Nigezie has been around. It started with the regular linear media. Back then if you want to get popular you have to make it to the Radio, TV or Print media, but now, the social media has changed everything. Right now with a phone and data anybody can change the world from anywhere. That is the power of social media it is limitless and unrestricted. It gives us freedom. That freedom is what we are trying to capture, that is why our 10th year anniversary is tagged “Freedom Fest”. As long as young people are empowered, as long as young people have a voice, Freedom Fest will be ongoing. That is in it essence what Freedom Fest is about. Celebration of freedom.


Nigezie: Recession?

Recession is a thing of the mind. This is the best time to expand this is the best time to grow and nigezie will show you how to do that.
We are on star-times channel 427 and when asked if Nigezie would expand to other platforms he said When the opportunity arises, why not?

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