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Female Fan Grabs R Kelly’s Manhood On Stage

Female Fan Grabs R Kelly’s Manhood On Stage
A female fan of American R&B singer, R Kelly took her admiration of the artiste to an extreme level when she grabbed his manhood during a live performance.

In a video obtained via YouTube, the Pied Piper as he is also known, was seen singing some verses while the lady rubbed different parts of his body with a towel.

It was during the course of this that she squeezed the singer’s manhood which left him in total shock and at the same time thrilled the concert goers who gave a loud scream of excitement.

R Kelly actually had it coming when he instructed the female fan to wipe sections of his body such as his tongue, head, lips and his manhood.

He however did not anticipate that the fan will be bold enough to grab him by his eggplant.

Whatever his thoughts were during the performance, he certainly allowed the fan get too close to his ignition.


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