G-worldwide Releases Statement Contradicting Kiss Daniel’s 30k Monthly Allowance

Following the report that kiss daniel earned the sum of #30,000 when he signed a record deal  with G-worldwide record label which was later increased to #50,000 after the release of his hit singles “WOJU” and “LAYE”, the label has since dismissed the allegations and revealed the real truth.


In an official Statement, the label Wrote:

Apart from the above, there have been rumours that Kiss Daniel has been on a monthly stipend of NGN 50,000 (Another great joke if we ever heard one). It is a known fact that such amounts will be insufficient to find and retain a decent apartment in Lagos nor cater for the lifestyle of any Nigerian celebrity. Kiss Daniel, contrary to that rumour, has received substantial allowances over the last two and half years. In 2013, he was offered a 360 deal, and the terms of the initial contract have been reviewed twice in his favour, whilst the company has had to bankroll obligations relating to advertising, promotions, music production, videos, trips, wardrobe etc. at different times. Indeed, the company has been quite flexible with our remuneration policies with the belief that he will be able to build a solid financial base for himself. For the avoidance of doubt the following are some details of how the label catered for his financial needs as well as his personal welfare:

Contrary to rumours making the rounds that Kiss Daniel was only on NGN 30,000 salary since he joined the label up until after the release of the Woju and Laye singles, this is nothing but falsehood. Before the release of those singles in 2014, Kiss Daniel was being paid a monthly allowance of NGN 30,000 to cover basic personal costs whilst he was still in his father’s house in Kuto, Abeokuta, he was also given a medical allowance of NGN 150,000 and other unrecorded stipends whilst no revenue was being generated by him. This remained the norm while the label invested heavily in recording sessions, productions, transportation, and other costs associated with developing him as an artist.

Loans of up to NGN 550,000 were given to him within 2 weeks of his signing onto the label for him to get a car for his mom to start a Taxi business. There are documents to back this. In addition following his request for financial support for his dad’s burial, G-Worldwide released the sum of NGN 200,000 to him which was exactly what Kiss Daniel requested for. As recent as October 2017, he again requested for a loan to run his account in order to acquire a house for himself under a mortgage, to this end the company released NGN 13,000,000 (Thirteen Million Naira) to him though the company was not obligated under the contract to do so.

We can Recall that Kiss Daniel and his label have been going back and forth with legal suite involved on the artiste’s exit from G-worldwide to set up his own record label (Fly Boy INC).