Jon Snow Makes Alliance With Khaleesi

Jon Snow Makes Alliance With Khaleesi In Season 7 of the most watched seasonal movie Game Of Thrones.

Just in … new photos fresh from the ‘GOT’ set in Spain and they appear to reveal a MAJOR plot point for season 7.

The pics contain shots of Jon Snow reaching out to shake hands with another major star of the series — an alliance that could have a HUGE impact in Westeros.

So, you gotta ask yourself … do you REALLY want to know who’s on the other end of the shake?

Do you?


Last chance …

Okay, check the pictures below — AND DON’T SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU!

** RESTRICTIONS: ONLY UNITED STATES, CANADA ** Zumaia, SPAIN - Zambia, Spain - Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) meets Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) on a beach in northern Spain as filming for Season 7 of hit TV show Game of Thrones continues. AKM-GSI 24 OCTOBER 2016 To License These Photos, Please Contact : Maria Buda (917) 242-1505 or Mark Satter (317) 691-9592

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