"He keeps saying he's feeding an orphan"

A young lady has sought advice from a public discussion group after she discovered that she has been feeding her husband’s side chic unsuspectingly.

According to her, every time she prepares a meal, her husband makes it a point of duty to take her food to his side chic under the pretense that he is feeding an orphan.
Seeking advice on what actions to take that will not ruin her two-year-old marriage, she wrote:
“Hello, Mr. Jay. Please hide my Identity. My marriage is in the early stages that’s why I don’t want to balloon this.
“I want you to advice me because I am going berzerk.

“It’s been 2 years since I got married, and this also makes it exact two years I have been feeding a strange lady that doesn’t wish me well.
“Every time I cook, my husband makes it a point of duty to bring a food flask for me to put food in the name of there’s an orphan he pledged to feed everyday for four years.
“Unsuspectingly, as a good person I make sure I put the food with a big heart, even with additional meat for the mystery orphan😢😢😢.
“Last night, the orphan I saw didn’t look like one. I saw my husband kissing her in front of her house while she collected the flask containing my food.😢.
“I confronted them following a tip off only to discover that she is a student in her second year whom my husband is planning to feed with my for for the next two years.
“Gosh!! Help me, How can I handle this trauma.. Worse still, my husband is adulterous.”

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