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Hugh Jackman has said his final goodbye to his Marvel Comics role for Wolverine as he shaved his beard off after filming for the movie wrapped up. Hugh  jackman played Wolverine 17 years ago in the first X-Men movie and since then, his mutant character Logan has had eight more official appearances on the big screen.

The 48-year-old Australian actor is ending that chapter in his life with Logan:the final Wolverine superhero flick, which is set to open on March 2nd 2017. “When I knew this was going to be the last one, the stakes of this movie tripled for me. There is a man whose greatest fear is intimacy and love. And there are scars emotionally and physically, of his life, as a weapon and as a warrior.Everyone he has ever loved has died, so how do we get to the depth of that character?”I am really proud with what we have done, and that makes it a lot easier to leave the party. You have got to leave the party at some point, and I know it is very un-Australian to leave and not be kicked out…But I just knew it was the right time. I remember that last day of filming, and I felt very at peace with it.”

Written and directed by James Mangold, Logan is set in a post-apocalyptic 2029, more than 50 years after the events of 2014’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Mutants have almost disappeared, and on a remote stretch of the Mexican border, a depressed Logan is drinking his days away, in between doing odd jobs as a driver and caring for a sick Professor X whose mind is failing. Fellow mutant Caliban is his only other companion in this self-imposed exile but when a mysterious woman appears with an urgent request to shepherd a girl named Laura  to safety, Logan once more faces off against old enemies as well as his inner demons. Laura, a feral wild child, has powers remarkably like Wolverine’s, thus beginning a road trip crossing hostile territory to outwit the movie’s baddie – cybernetic criminal Donald Pierce and his army of cyborgs and deliver Laura to Eden, where young mutants enjoy safe haven.


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