"I did not steal my sister's husband, my family only asked me to replace her"

Younger sister of the lady who cried out of being displaced from her husband’s house clears the air with her side of the story.

This comes following the outcry of a mother of five whose sister got pregnant for her husband while living under their roof.
According to the accused younger sister, it was the family’s decision to keep the man around after the wife packed out following the news of her pregnancy.
Read the narration below …

“I did not steal my sister’s husband from her. The reason why my family asked me to go and replace my sister when she packed out was so that the man will still remain in the family and not look outside. He has done so many things for us.
He’s the one training me in school. I wasn’t dating him. I slept with him once and I got pregnant. I agreed to sleep with him because of the way he begged me. He was almost crying. He is a good man and I can’t stand seeing him cry.
My sister lied when she said the man is sleeping with me in visitors room. The man now has his own room. Before he was sharing one room with his wife but he left masters bedroom for his wife. I have my own separate room.
He instructed us to always leave our door open. So at night, he can meet any person he wants to meet. We are getting married.
My sister is against us getting married and the truth is that we are already doing what married people do. So nothing will change if we get married. I still love and respect her. Please post anonymous.”

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