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The social media has been buzzing over the feud going on between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian recently and this has got everyone interested on whats going to happen next, which leads to rob denying blac chyna of her allowance and she doesn’t give a hoot about.
Rob has finally stopped paying blac chyna as he used to and she is not bothered about it anyways. she recently said about needing the utmost space she can get from rob kardashian
Rob was constantly complaining about Blac Chyna cheating on him and this was said  to be the reasonfor the feud as the want away couples are no longer seen appearing in public events like they used to. A report from TMZ about the unsettled couples is stated below.

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rob- chyna-nigezie-space-fight She’s fine paying the rent herself — she’s squirreled away money from various appearances as well as their reality show. She’s also confident she has earning power post-Rob. The big ticket item — supporting Dream. Our sources say Chyna has no intention of going to court for child support, at least for now. We know Rob wants to raise the baby himself, and it doesn’t seem Chyna is putting up much of a fight on that front. Fact is … her other kid, King Cairo, is being raised primarily by Tyga.
It’s unlikely in the foreseeable future either one of them will go to court for money or custody. They both have significant issues, and we’re told they don’t want to risk an adverse ruling by a judge.