A teacher has taken to his social media page to lament about his profession after his student scored 18% in his test. In a video shared on Tiktok by @morena_ngoepe, the teacher made a funny comment on the paper of the student who scored 18% in his test. Teacher laments after a student scored 18% in his test. Photo credit: Google. Source: Google Expressing his disapproval towards the student’s performance, he wrote on the child’s test script, ‘academic side eye’. The video has attracted a lot of mixed reactions as netizens express their thoughts. @renzo said: “If my teacher wrote academic side eye on my paper I would call government officials.” @Thozamile Ntsenge said: “Not the academic side-eye. This is the best generation of teachers.” @laureli commented: “I would cry bruh because what is this?”  @viino said: “My grade 9 maths teacher would draw eyes and a mouth in your 0. You’d get a face out of 10.” @Bahle commented: “I wouldn’t feel bad this would actually make me laugh.” @iluvv.rejoice said: “If my teachers wrote this on my paper, I will simply evaporate.”   

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