"I promised my mum to bring home a wife before this year ends" - Man in search of life partner cries out

A Nigerian man @bigfresh_of_ph has embarked on a mission to find a life partner and tie the knot before the year’s end. Determined to honour a promise made to his mother, the young man, grappling with the challenges of securing a serious relationship, took an unconventional route to seek professional advice – by visiting the dentist. The determined man, @bigfresh_of_ph, shared his unique journey on TikTok.

“Today is 5th of December 2023, so I decided to go for a checkup to see the reason why I can’t have a serious relationship after I promised my mom that I will get married before December,” he wrote. Little did he know that this dental visit would take an unexpected turn, capturing the attention and amusement of social media users. During the checkup, instead of focusing solely on the state of his teeth, the dentist delivered an unexpected diagnosis, injecting humour into the situation. The dentist suggested that the man’s future wife might be closer than he thinks, implying that the key to his relationship struggles lies beyond dental health. As @bigfresh_of_ph shared his dental escapade on TikTok, the video quickly gained traction, going viral as netizens embraced the dentist’s unconventional advice on matters of the heart. Many social media users flooded the comments section with expressions of laughter, encouragement, and support for the man’s pursuit of love. Netizens Reactions… @Mercy Ike commented; “Double dating no go let una.” @Rayna said; “Hmm guys help him locate his future wife ooo seems is serious.” @Tina white reacted; “You are too funny I swear I can’t stop laughing.” @Mila commented; “Na dentist dey check am? Lemme go and check mine too ok.” @ifemiposi reacted; “Very funny, Buh there is still girls who love unconditionally just pray form the right choice.” @Royal dinso reacted; “It’s a lie you just want to remind me that am still single and the year with soon end small secret way tell you, u don go expose me.” See below; @bigfresh_of_ph She said i was okay that my wife is not just far from me 💔#wife #fypシ゚viral🖤tiktok☆♡🦋myvideo #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #fypシ゚vira #foryoupage❤️❤️ #respect #ghanatiktok🇬🇭 @RUSHIL @Bigfresh_of_ph @AŸØ RÎČHÎË 🇺🇸🥶 ♬ original sound – RUSHIL

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