"It's over in Nigeria" - Lady laments after buying a tuber of yam for N3,000k [Video]

A disgruntled Nigerian lady has aired her grievance in a video following the rising cost of food items in the country today.
The young woman lamented buying a tuber of yam for N3,000.

Sharing the video, the lady showed the small piece of yam she bought at the ‘unreasonable price‘ as she repeatedly said, “It is over in Nigeria. What would I be able to cook with this yam, and what will I now use and cook it.”
@Obulagu Eden reacted to the now viral video on Facebook saying: “All corrupt Nigerian politicians are united against Mr Peter Obi irrespective of their party affiliations. Once they hear him talk about cutting cost of governance, they feel threatened.”
@Emmanuel: “Your own is lamentation while we don reach revelation for the whole yam matter. Na beans we face now. Lamentators indeed😔😔🚶🚶🚶🚶.”
Watch The Video Below

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