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Jazzman Olofin has plans to release a new hit single.

Barely a month after losing his best friend, OJB Jezreel to a kidney ailment and also losing his mother-in-law, veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi. The ‘Raise da roof’ crooner, Jazzman Olofon gets set to release a single titled ‘Shade’


OJB and Jazzman Olofin.                                                                           OJB and Jazzman Olofin.

The late OJB not only produced songs for Jazzman but was also renowned as his closest friend so much that in the last interview OJB granted, the late music producer when asked who his friends are, said:

I do not have many, but people have always said Jazzman is OJB’s best friend. For me, I’ll say we are more or less like brothers. We fight like brothers, we argue like brothers, so I think he’s about the only one with whom I’ve been able to take it beyond the regular industry friendship.

Jazzman Olofin

Jazzman has picked himself up from this loss and has finalized plans towards the release of his latest single before the end of the week. Titled ‘Shade’, the single according to Jazzman, is a reflection of his mastery of the contemporary Hip hop music laced with a blend of Afro-centric rhythms, lyrics, instrumentals, and percussion.

Presently, and ahead of the release of his new single, Jazzman Olofin alongside his management outfit are putting finishing touches on a contractual working agreement with a yet to be disclosed international promotion company, a leading entertainment outfit with impressive antecedents of music promotion across the global entertainment industry.

According to Jazzman Olofin: “After the loss of two of the most important people to me, their death dealt me a heavy blow but also elicited a sort of a ‘go for it’ spirit in me.”

Jazzman Olofin                                                                                    Jazzman Olofin

The singer recently won a “Special Recognition for Contribution to the Growth of Entertainment Industry in Nigeria” award at the City People Entertainment Awards is currently running his own outfit Jazzman Olofin Entertainment