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Recently evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Bassey on his media tour told us about his time in the house.

Dressed in a T-shirt on denim to reveal his hunky figure, Bassey revealed that he knew Debie-Rise was kissing him during our interview with him.

According to him, it was a kiss, not a peck, because she was being apologetic for what happened earlier.

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He stated further, ‘Afterwards, she kissed me on the lips which I richly acknowledged and when I came back. My teammates – who I truly appreciate – mistakenly put it out there that I said I did not know that she kissed me, it was a simple mistake from someone from my team.’

He also revealed that he had feelings for Debie-Rise, ‘If I say I don’t, I would be lying. Of course I had feelings for her, but my idea was what should I make out of these feelings.

bassey evicted debbie rise @nigezietv

‘It’s one thing for you to be somewhere and say you love a person, and it’s another thing to think long term, I think she is very talented and I thought we would be very good friends and together, we would achieve great things.’

On whether or not he felt she wanted more than friendship as he really broke her heart

[laughter] Wetin na. If I do, una go talk. If I no do, una go still talk.

On when he’s taking things to the next level with his girlfriend who made him turn Debie-Rise down

I will take it to the next level when I can.

On who he is rooting to win BBNaija 2017

If it is based on friendship, I will like Debie-Rise to win, trust me, that chick knows what she wants to do with the money.

We sampled opinions and based on prospects, I will really like her to win. But based on statistics, Bisola and Efe are on the rise.

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