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Veteran Nollywood Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu narrates his ordeal in the hands of some officers of the Nigerian Police. Speaking in an exclusive interview, he told the rather saddening story of what he went through on Monday.

He said : “Yesterday, 26th of September 2016, at about 3:40pm, my daughter had just been dropped off at home by her official  school bus while I opened the gate for her to come into the house, two men accosted and ordered that I  should  follow them, then I asked them who they are, instead they  flashed an Identity card that I only saw police written on it without any  name. Meanwhile, these two men were in plain clothes and one of them had a black looped  earring .  At this point, I said I was not going to follow them since I do not know who they are. Suddenly a white unmarked bus pulled –up in  front  of me and four more men on plain clothes appeared from the bus with one pointing an AK47 raffle at my fore head”.

Acting in a swift manner, he quickly called his wife that some police officers are taking him to where he doesn’t know.



They whisked him away in their vehicle and on arriving at Pen-cinema Police station, they held him outside  the gate;  until a man appeared wearing a black long coat who simply identified himself as Born Great Benin.

The actor said further : “I said to him I cannot answer any question  from you,  unless I am taken  into the police station proper, it was this Born Great  Benin that later ordered them to take off the cuffs  and  asked them to bundle me into the bus again and they  drove off to somewhere I later identified as area F,  police station, Ikeja.  

At this area F rather, than take me into the station’s main building, I was held at a  room when a certain gentle man identified as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Philips came in and  showed me  a telephone number and  asked if I knew the owner of the number…”

Instantly,  he identified the owner of the number as his friend who had picked him up from  the airport a few days earlier. Kalu Ikeagwu inquired from his friend if he had bought a phone recently and his friend said yes and narrated how he had  swapped  his old phone(iphone6) for a new one (Iphone7) at the popular computer village  Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and paid an extra N37.000 in a legal business transaction  with a phone dealer. “That was when they explained to me that since I was the last person that dialed my friend’s  phone number it made me a soft target-hence my arrest ”, He said.


When asked what this experience has done to his family and his personal feelings towards the Nigerian Police, he had this to say : “first I will talk about my wife, she is still in fear even till this moment she even stopped me from jugging this morning. I thank God at the way she handled the situation, the situation has made me remember I have a gift in her. For me, it only reminded me of what a movie director in Enugu told me. He said he can forgive a man that takes away his wife, or a man that stabs him so long as he did not die, but can never lift a finger to help a dying  police man”.

“In my life I have never had dealings with the police but  it’s unfortunate the way this episode ended.  Because their actions are an embarrassment to Nigeria’s image, the first skill of every intelligent police officer is his understanding of psychology but instead they chose to do otherwise”.

Thank God that the actor now enjoys freedom and is no longer been harassed by the Police.