adekunle gold-purpose-to-make-clean-music-@nigezietv

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold has revealed in a recent interview the reason why he won’t stop making clean music, and also not about to change anytime soon.

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According to him:

“It is my personal resolve to keep making clean music. I am not under any pressure whatsoever to change the type of lyrics I sing. I like to pass across messages with my songs. Music is supposed to be a vehicle for social change. If you notice, my songs often dwell on topical issues that people can relate with and learn from. A true hit song is one that people can still enjoy many years after it was recorded. But some songs that were released just last year are no longer relevant or appealing, and that is because they are shallow and not in tune with the times,” he said.

Explaining his love for African attire, Adekunle Gold said,

“I am a proud African and it’s up to me to showcase my culture and let people know more good things about the continent. Whenever I travel, foreigners admire my outfit and some of them even request for the type. It is the way we treat our things that outsiders would also perceive it. I want to implore everyone to give priority to our local products.”

adekunle gold-purpose-to-make-clean-music-@nigezietv

Taking a stroll down memory lane to remember how he met his former YBNL boss, he said,

“I met Olamide when I was called upon to design the YBNL logo. I also did some other works for members of the label. After I sang Sade, Olamide heard it and liked it, so we had a discussion and he offered me a deal. I gladly accepted.”

Hinting on the type of woman he likes, Adekunle said, “My ideal girl is someone who is a go-getter. She must know what she wants and be prepared to work for it. I don’t like people who are too laid-back and don’t even have plans for their lives”.

SOURCE: punch