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Kiss Daniel Departs From G-Worldwide Record Label Here’s A Proof

Kiss Daniel Departs G-Worldwide Record Label And Here’s Proof

Kiss Daniel has undoubtedly built a successful musical career with G-Worldwide record label, since his break onto the scene three years ago.

Though there have been a lot of speculations about the strict policies of G-Worldwide Record label, holding the singer down, he still remain steadfast to his music career.

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However, a peep at the singer’s social media, suggests that he has taken a walk away from G-worldwide and he appears to be flying a new imprint. He has taken off signs linking him to G-worldwide from his social media accounts and he now seems to bear the “FLYBOY I.N.C” imprint on his social media account.

Here’s the photo:

Kiss Daniel-Gworldwide-Nigezie