Lady breaks down in tears after finding out about boyfriend's affair

A Nigerian lady has cried out on TikTok after finding out that her boyfriend has been sleeping with her best friend.
According to her, it has been going on for months but she just found out recently. She claimed she got suspicious because whenever she wanted to see her boyfriend at his house, he always told her that he was busy and her best friend always happened to be busy at that same time too.

She further revealed that his motive for cheating on her could be because something happened in the past between her and his best friend.
She said:
“My boyfriend has been sleeping with my best friend. One thing that you people should know in this life men are scm ohh.
“How could I not notice this thing has been happening right in my face. Gosh I should have noticed like sometimes I’ll tell my own boyfriend oh my own boyfriend oh that I want to come to his house to come and see him he will say he’s not around that he will let me know when he’s around and my best friend will also be busy at that time.
“Ahh I remember he was also the one that took her to Dubai on her birthday. Ahhhhhh Alex you’re wicked.”
Watch the video below:

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