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Lady in shock after booking Bolt in Uyo and a Keke Napep showed up to pick her (Video)

A lady has taken to social media to share a surprising encounter she had on Thursday while on her way out in Akwa Ibom state.

The lady was left in stunned disbelief after booking a Bolt ride in Uyo only for a tricycle to show up to pick her.
Recounting the experience, the lady explained that she had ordered a Bolt ride and was summoned outside when the supposed bolt ride arrived. It was a tricycle (Keke Napep) that arrived to pick her up, much to her astonishment.
She expressed her astonishment when the tricycle arrived with a tone imbued with disbelief.

Entering the Keke Napep, the lady could be heard saying:
“Una own beta for here o, where dem dey use bolt book keke”
Watch the video below: