Lady jumps for joy as her aunty welcomes baby after 12 years of trying and 2 miscarriages

A jubilant lady has given thanks to God after the successful delivery of her aunt’s child.
The lady identified as, Tomie, revealed that her aunty had been trying for 12 years to have her own child.
There had been so many complications in the process– miscarriages; more than once, a blighted ovum; five failed IVF.
Her Maker has decided to put an end to her cry of sorrow and replace it with smile of jubilation as she welcomes a baby girl.
The Twitter user wrote:
“My Aunty just put to bed!!!!! 12 years of waiting, 5 failed IVF, 2 blighted ovum, 2 miscarriages after 2nd trimester. Her Baby Girl just arrived Capable God!!!!!”

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