MC Galaxy, who just released an album has opened up on why his relationship with fashion blogger, Laura Ikeji, did not last long and why the pregnancy she has is not his.

While stating he knew she had a long-time boyfriend, he admitted probably would have dated Linda Ikeji’s sister if she didn’t have one, only because they really connected.

We can Recall that Mc Galaxy had close ties with Laura for a good while, to the point of many believing the two were actually dating.


MC Galaxy even raised eyebrows when he once gifted Laura a million naira amidst the rumours of a romance between them.

But Laura did not only get engaged but also married Ogbonna Kanu, younger brother of legendary footballer, Nwankwo Kanu. She is also now expecting their first child.


And in an interview with Saturday Beats, MC Galaxy talked about his relationship with Laura.

‘Laura had always had a boyfriend for a very long time and I knew but other people did not know about it,’ the singer said.

‘Probably if she did not have anyone in her life, I would have asked her out because we really connected and we were best of friends.

‘She is someone I talk to every time and now that she is married, it has not affected our relationship in anyway.

‘Her husband loves me a lot and he attended my album listening party. He came all the way from London to attend my listening party.’

MC Galaxy went on to say she is his best friend and someone he considers a sister.

‘There was nothing between Laura Ikeji and I. She is not just my best friend but I refer to her as my sister because she knows about everything that I want to do.’

He also described her as a very intelligent person who makes for a good confidant as she gives good advice anytime he seeks one.

‘If I listen to her advice, everything works out fine and I consult her before I sign some artistes. If she tells me not to do so, I listen to her because she is very intelligent.

‘If she talks to you and you listen, you would make it. The reason my brand is big today is because of Laura.

‘I was not used to granting interviews but she advised me that I need it. I am just lucky and blessed.

‘As a smart guy, if you have such a person as a friend, you have to keep them as friends because the moment you mess it up, things might go sour,’ he said.

He also told Saturday Beats that even though there’s been pressure from his mother to settle down, he is still single and waiting for the right time.

‘I am currently single and I don’t know when I would get married. God can decide and say I will get married tomorrow, who knows?

‘Marriage is not something you rush, just be sure of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

‘My mother tries to pressurize me into marriage but I know how I calm her down. I would want my wife to be God-fearing and good looking because I have worked hard to the stage that I deserve a good looking woman.’



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