Omojuwa Linda

Linda Ikeji was accused of being a ‘Snitch’ by Omojuwa who was her former friend, a blogger, public speaker and Social media expert. This happened in the early hours of today on twitter.

Popular social media expert, blogger and public speaker, Omojuwa took to Twitter earlier today to bash his former friend, blogger Linda Ikeji, calling her snitch for using something personal he had told her as a story on her blog.

‘I have found myself putting myself on the line on Twitter when people attack @lindaikeji . I do that when I see the world against anyone,’ he started.

‘Just about 2 weeks ago, I was even defending her sister when they went at her saying her marriage came too soon after her proposal.

‘Out of respect for my friend and now ex fiancée, I never shared the story of what happened between us publicly.’


He went ahead to drop names of some of his other trusted friends with whom he’d also shared the story with.

These include some other popular bloggers that could have chosen to spill if they wanted to as well.

‘Out of all I shared the story with, @lindaikeji was only 1 I realized I had to inform not to publish it without assuming she wouldn’t.

‘I told them all exactly what happened. Then in @lindaikeji ‘s case made sure to tell her not to publish. Via an email.’

He continued by saying he didn’t want the story out as he didn’t want to cause anyone any embarrassments.

‘I didn’t want the story out because it would embarrass my ex fiancées mum. Even if we weren’t friends today, I still wouldn’t want it out.’

Omojuwa then mentioned how he’d always defended Linda against people who told nothing but lies against the successful blogger.

He also talked about how he had turned a blind eye to some stories she’s published about him, understanding she was only doing her job.

‘I have seen @lindaikeji use the cover of Ben Bruce to share me on her blog. I never took it personal. I considered she was doing her job.

‘I have seen her take sides with Reno Wendell Simlin Omokri. I didn’t bother. Whatever she had going on with Reno wasn’t my business.

‘When she was accused of getting N240m from PDP/Jonathan during the election, I actually called friends in the villa at the time…

‘My friends told me as far as they knew, she didn’t get any money. I didn’t discuss anything with her. I simply posted tweets defending her.

‘Now, all of these are because I am loyal at times to the point of stupidity. On that day, I was swimming against social media tide…

‘But you see, when it is on a matter concerning people I care about, I don’t mind swimming against any tide, social media or not.

‘So, to see @lindaikeji hide under the cover of a twitter nonentity to shade me on her blog over a story I personally told her? Tragic!’

He was so pained, he called her a snake.

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‘So yeah, learn from my temporary stupidity to trust someone like @lindaikeji .Never trust a snake & they aren’t hard to know. Learn from me!

‘When someone’s trusted you with the truth, you don’t go ahead to post lies about same on your blog. That makes you a dangerous snake.’

He insisted he’s been engaged once and not several times like the man who he’d got in a tweet fight the day before had insinuated, a story Linda had no qualms publishing.

‘I have been engaged once. It failed. Marriages fail so I don’t even get how my one engagement should be an issue. Okay, because it is me.

‘And I can withstand the bullets and darts of those publicly committed to attacking me. I have thrived with that in some 8 years here.

‘I can’t trust someone enough with my personal story and then see the person shoot a spear at me with the same story. That draws a line.’

For someone he says was once a good friend, it would seem like the friendship had meant nothing to her as he insisted she always ignored positive stories about him, focusing instead on the negative.

Omojuwa Linda

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