Maheeda @nigezietv SEX

Just when we concluded Maheeda a.k.a Naija Bad girl has changed since she became married. Just like Yorubas will say “Ko le tan lara omo oba ko ma ku dansaki”;meaning There will still be an element of Kingship in a Prince. Nigezie met her at an event and asked her 5Things you all don’t know about her.

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Maheeda met her future husband while working in a bar in Nigeria, who upon listening to her story decided to help her and her teenage daughter. She got married and relocated to Netherlands but visits Nigeria frequently. She presently lives with her husband and daughter in Netherlands. She considers sex as having an uncontrollable supernatural effect on people since despite being married and living comfortably, she still had the urge to sleep with men.

According to her, she began singing while in primary school. At age 23, she chose music as a profession despite facing challenges with funding while promoting her musical career. According to her, the name Maheeda means blessing and treasure, hence her decision to choose it as stage name. She classifies her music as “cocktail” because just like wine, it is intended to encompasses all aspect of human life. She claims to get her musical inspiration from God, because God saw her through being a single mother to till she got married then ventured into music professionally. Speaking on the reaction of her family to her nudity, she explained her husband and his family accepts, understands and supports her in all she does.In 2015, Nigerian Entertainment Today disclosed that she was more widely known than Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji based on analytics from Google and WordPress. In August 2016, she revealed that she doesn’t really mean many of the things she has said in the past during interviews.

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