Man heartbroken over wife's wayward lifestyle after helping him travel

A man identified as Uncle Olu has taken to Twitter to narrate how a lady helped her husband travel abroad, and continued living wayward lifestyle despite being with her hubby.
According to Olu, the lady threatened her husband after he confronted her over her lifestyle.
Olu wrote,
“Lady got UK student visa. Came with HUSBAND. Met some people & was invited to a party. At the party, suck a or drink a shot. She chose to suck. Did other stuff with the guy. Got home at 3am.
Husband asked why late? She say you be dependant. Na me bring you here, so shut up.

Real one. If she call home office say she no do again, dem fit cancel him visa. Although, I don’t know how that works. But yeah, he’s in trouble…cos she’s not changing anytime soon.”

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