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Man reportedly runs mad after failing to repay money borrowed from loan app (Video)

A human rights activist by the name Ahmed Isa has recounted how a man became mentally deranged after he failed to pay back the money he took from a loan app.

Man mad loan app

According to the activist, a man had taken a loan of 56,000 naira from a popular loan app and was paying back in installments until he became broke. Since he was unable to pay, the loan sharks began hounding him for the money and took the drastic action of sending defamatory messages to his contacts alleging that he’s a thief and fraudster. Mr Ahmed Isa, the narrator, revealed that the man had his prospective employer (having recently gone for a job interview) on his contact and the message was also sent to him. His future father-in-law whose daughter he had sought for marriage blocked his number after the defamatory message was also sent to him. Ahmed Isa warned people against taking money from loan sharks because there are usually hidden repercussions which borrowers know nothing about. Watch the video below: