Man seeks advice on how to break news to Fiancée after he impregnated someone else

A man in a quandary has taken to social media to lament his predicament and seek advice.

The man revealed that he has impregnated a lady and has someone else who he is engaged to.
According to him, he had intended the relationship between him and the pregnant lady to be a casual relationship – a sidechick-sideguy relationship.
Unfortunately, the lady got pregnant and now he doesn’t know how to break the news to her because he doesn’t want to break her heart.
The man wrote:
“Morning admins, plz post for me this with my ID hidden as per tradition.
I am in a very big dilemma, I Know a lot of people here will condemn me and say all sorts of demeaning words, the thing is I have impregnated someone whilst am engaged to someone else, I don’t know how to even start explaning to my fiancee what I have done, dont have any courage, she would be heartbroken and she wont believe considering how faithful have been to her for a long time, the person have impregnated, we’ve just known each other for the past two months, everything has happened so fast with her, at first I just wanted her to be my side chick, but we’ve fallen in love this has eventually led us to this dilemma of pregnancy. Having said all this, pliz help me how I can solve this because I don’t really want to break my flancees heart, we ve really come a long way, neither do I want to disappoint the one have impregnated, my head is really puzzled, to make matters worse, they both want to come and start staying with me at home. Notify me when you post admins.”

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