Man sets himself ablaze inside his car after his wife failed to return home

On Friday, 11 March, 2022, a middle-aged man by the name of Venus Amimo set himself ablaze inside his vehicle at Koru in Kisumu County of Kenya.

According to K24TV, prior to his death, the man who had been having issues in his marriage developed suicidal thoughts after returning from work on Thursday night and couldn’t find his wife at home.
Reports say he allegedly waited till about 2:00 am before taking the drastic action.
A report by the police read: “His marriage has been having doldrums lately. He went home on Thursday night and found that his wife had not returned home and the children were all alone. He later left the house at 2:00 am in an apparent search for her and when he failed to get her, he returned to the house and set himself ablaze inside his green car” 
The deceased neighbour revealed that his wife returned home after she was informed of her husband’s death

It was also gathered that the deceased had sent a suicide text message to a close friend, saying his wife had caused his suffering and that he was going to leave her and the children.

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