Dance queen, Kaffy is extremely angry with Nigerian artistes especially Davido.

According to Kaffy, who was in far away Houston this past weekend, Davido, who performed at the 3 Thrones concert in Lagos, fired his dancers backstage and then went on to perform alone.

Kaffy felt he was rude for him to have fired the dancers who had rehearsed for days before the show.

In a very angry Instagram video, Kaffy says, ‘This message goes to Mr Omo Baba Olowo. Kamal please I need you to help me play this message to Davido, help me tell him that he’s a motherfucker.’




ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! It’s alright if artiste don’t need us . We are artistes ourselves . It is very disrespectful for you to look down at and trample on people who in one way or the other contribute to where u are today. Dance is our widows mite to a lot of your careers . All u need to do is respect us. Even other people under you suffer ur arrogance from stylist to band men. This message is for those of you that disrespectfully disregard us dancers especially. @davidoofficial if u don’t want dancers express it way before U agree to allow them dance than when u about to climb the stage u decide u don’t need us again.or tell dancers not to come near u while u perform .wtf. It’s not ur fault we have learnt our lesson and we thank arrogant artiste like u as this will not continue for long. Nowadays artiste take a piss. People pay a lot of money to see u come out and give a good show it requires more than u jumping all over the place with no content . Even some artiste in other countries who perform alone still plan their craft. They practice they rehearse the Are never tired of doing better than their last. But here most don’t care only few like @peterpsquare and @rudeboypsquare @2niteflavour @tiwasavage @efya_nokturnal @iamseyishay @dareydarey even @jidenna a one man performer plans his craft for his fans. (This is to mention a few out of the few) to those who still respect our craft.




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