small doctor-reveals-the-brain-behind-his-song-penalty-NX

The ‘Penalty’ singer in a chat with the media, Small Doctor revealed that his mom and the oddities of the streets were his main source of inspiration.

He said: “The streets and my mom are teachers. She called me and gave me the idea saying ‘cant you just infuse this in your song and let’s see how it goes’. That’s what inspired ‘Won ti gba penalty lo throwing. She said it herself.”

The artiste gave credit for his rapidly growing popularity to where he claims he came from- the street.

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“Anything on the street is already verified,” he said.

The day his bike was stolen from a studio while he was recording a new track, is a moment the singer would never forget.

“I was in the studio and had recorded till 3am and my bike was inside the compound. By the time I woke up, my bike was gone but the keys were still in my pockets,” he said.

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Small Doctor was recently in the middle of a controversy caused by his nude video clip making its way to the internet.

The singer would later claim that his Snapchat account was hacked.