Nigerians React To Khloe And Anto’s Entrance And Reunion With The BB Naija Housemates

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Nigerians React To Khloe And Anto’s Entrance And Reunion With The BB Naija Housemates

BB Naija housemates Khloe and Anto made their ‘grand entrance’ into the house very early in the morning and it was not what viewers who stayed up all night were expecting.

 Khloe and Anto had made a quiet entrance into the house and instead of being loud like what people were expecting, they had quietly snuck into the luxury suite and waited morning to make their presence known.

Khloe and Anto were given one rule though and that is to not say anything about what is going on outside the house and for the housemates not to ask them about it. Hope they can do that successfully because it looks like they have an agenda in the house.

Viewers had reacted to the ‘big’ entrance on social media, including celebrities.

Don Jazzy had also stayed up all night and had cried out when what he was expecting was not what he got.

Read some of the tweets of viewers.


Uncle biggie it’s a lie o. Better wake everybody up o. We didn’t sleep na. Is that it????

CeeC and Nina giving the realest reaction!

The realest housemates in the house tbh!!!

I’m not a Cee-C fan but she’s a real one fam ??. The babe didn’t not even smile. Like this is literally war . Game on !

Hope y’all that stayed up all night just to wait for Khloe and Anto to enter the house will be ready when the Lord shall come??

People that stayed through to their emotions on the ex housemates return-
-cee-c (unhappy)
-nina (wtf)
-lolu(genuinely happy).

The rest had to put up forced excitement. Because let’s face it, there’s nogenuine happiness when you’re given more competition

I heard the housemates just got into the house and went to sleep
Thank God i”m not awake

It’s like u people are mad, what should Cee-C be happy for, game is about to end and they added 2 more competitions plus she wasn’t close them. Please I’d rather be true to my emotions than fake nonsense. Free Cee-C! Get over yourselves! Haba!

Many housemates that are hugging them are putting on fake smile but i lyk how cee c made her emotions known.SHE’S DAMN REAL though am not her fan.

But seriously if we can all wake up simultaneously by 3am and pray for Naija… This country go better

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