#NigezieXtreme: Michael Blackson Says KIM KARDASHIAN Should Be Grateful To RAY J Because He Made Her Famous

Michael Blackson thinks Kim Kardashian should quit blaming ecstasy and spend way more time sucking up to Ray J for his sizable role in launching her into celebrity status.

According to TMZ, the comedian gave his opinion on Kim’s claim that she was high on ecstasy when she and Ray shot their infamous sex tape, and in a word … he’s disappointed.


Michael thinks it’s wrong for her to make it seem like the drug is the only reason she banged Ray J on cam, because that doesn’t give enough credit to Ray’s family jewels.
It was earlier reported that sources close to Ray J insist Kim never touched ecstasy during the taping of their sex tape. Michael thinks it’s a bit fishy for Kim just now mentioning the drug, so many years after doing the deed.