#NXTech: Microsoft To Launch A Special Office 365 Tool Bar For MacOS

Microsoft is launching a special Office 365 toolbar for macOS, providing quick ways to access documents, calendar items, and more. My Workspace is the result of Microsoft’s Garage program that encourages employees to create apps in their spare time. The latest macOS app is designed to sit in the toolbar area and includes a quick overview of calendar items to let you join Skype meetings or RSVP to events.

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Just like Dropbox or OneNote, My Workspace also includes a list of recently used files and you can pin important ones or just open them up straight from the app. There’s also quick shortcuts to popular Office 365 settings, and the ability to pin Office Mac apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. The app is available immediately free of charge, and it’s a useful addition if you’re a Mac user who regularly uses Office 365 documents.

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SOURCE: TheVerge