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Peter Okoye Has Opened Up On Why He Decided To Go Solo

Peter Okoye a.k.a Mr P, who feels singing with his brother is breaking their relationship, has finally explained his reasons for deciding to go solo. The singer feels going solo is a blessing in disguise for him.

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Here is what he said:

“It’s not about us singing together that really matters because that’s what you guys know, but think about family
This could be a blessing in disguise.I’m not trying to break the family or make anyone look bad. I don’t hate anybody and I’m not trying to make my brothers feel bad.I wish everybody the best. Everybody is doing well now, let’s just keep it that way.I came out to sing alone to show people I can sing because if I hadn’t done so people will keep thinking otherwise.My mother, if she was alive, would have said we should remain together but not do music (business) together.I’m doing my best to settle with my family but they (family) are not ready. However, for the business aspect, I’m done”